Angus Deaton’s understanding of economics

普林斯顿大学经济学教授安格斯·迪顿(Angus Deaton)因为“对消费,贫困和福利的分析”做出的贡献而被授予2015年的诺贝尔经济学奖。在迪顿教授的大学个人主页上,有一篇14页的短篇个人传记,介绍了他的人生经历。其中有这样一小段话,描述了他对经济学的理解:

I understood that economics was about three things: theory that specified mechanisms and stories about how the world worked, and how things might be linked together; evidence that could be interpreted in terms of the theory, or that seemed to contradict it, or was just puzzling; and writing (whose importance is much understated in economics) that could explain mechanisms in a way that made them compelling, or that could draw out the lessons that were learned from the combination of theory and evidence.


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