Louise Yamada on oversold in a bear market

技术分析师Louise Yamada对股票市场的未来走势并不是很乐观。她自己发明的一个技术分析指标(比较上涨和下跌股票的交易量)在过去的三个月中,很长时间处于超卖(oversold)的区域。


I think it’s important to understand that when you’re in a bull market, an oversold situation can be a very temporary registration and people tend to say ‘buy the dip’. But when you start going into a weakening market, a bear market for instance, the oversold can remain oversold and it is the empirical evidence of selling pressure. So all of these rallies that we’ve had since June when this indicator went oversold have been evidence with selling into strength. So people were taking their money out on the rallies that we’ve seen over the past three months.

via: Bloomberg


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